What type of events do you service?

Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, happy hours, engagements, tailgates, graduation, corporate parties, reunions, retirements, and anything else you want to celebrate! Let’s have a party!

Is alcohol included?

State laws prevent us from providing the alcohol. That means you, the venue or your caterer must supply the alcohol ... we will take it from there.

Festivals & non-profits contact us - Lauren@thesangriatruck.com

Can you travel throughout the state of Florida?

Moving forward, after many road trips with our lovely trailer we’ve decided to only take a handful of events located outside the Jacksonville & St. Augustine area. These events will be charged an additional $2 fee per mile traveled.

How much room do you need?

We need a little room. Our dimensions are important for if you plan to fit us under any tents or squeeze us through smaller openings. Our camper is approx. 16ft long (tongue to rear), 9ft high and 9ft wide. We require enough room to either back our trailer in or pull our trailer through. Tight openings will have to be evaluated in person prior too booking.

Do you have POWER?

The Sangria Truck supplies its own power through an extremely quiet generator along with a 50Ft extension to ensure no additional noise issues.

Do you provide the bartenders?

YES, We provide the bartenders. Each event comes standard with 1 - 2 serve-safe certified bartenders.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured. We carry liquor liability and general liability insurance

What do You provide?

First and foremost we provide a good time! We arrive at your event with ServeSafe certified bartenders, barware, drink garnishes, ice, two coolers, kegerator, wine and cocktail cups, cocktail napkins, straws, fruits, juices, mixers and a blue-tooth speaker. Our trailer also carries interior lighting, a tap, 110 can drink cooler and one drawer cooler for juices, fruits and sangria.

What don’t you Provide?

We don’t carry glassware (only plastic cups), exterior lighting, alcohol, flowers, air-conditioning

What’s next?

When you hire us we require 25% deposit on your total package cost with a signed contract between yourself and us. It’s your responsibility to ensure the space requirement for our trailer will fit. If you have questions about space we are more than happy to visit the event site and discuss it further. *see above at “how much room do you need?”

Remaining balance is billed two weeks prior to your event and needs to be paid in full.

Is there a bad Weather Plan?

Due to our advanced booking model, we can’t accommodate rain dates. In the event of rain, we are happy to work with your tent vendor to find the appropriate size tent for our camper.

Do you just serve Sangria?

In a perfect world, yes! But we understand some people prefer other things and thats fine by us. Take a look at our > menu < for some ideas.